NEURO PATH TECHNOLOGIES would like our readers, users, future patients, interests, investors, et al to acknowledge the following:

We are not doctors nor scientists. We are not researchers nor frontiers. We are humble software developers with a hope and a dream. We both have been afflicted with epilepsy and seizures both personally or near and dear.

Our personal development is in hopes of creating software and technology that, one day, will lead to a product that will aid in our motto. “PAVING A PATH FOR A LIFE FREE FROM SEIZURE DISTRACTIONS”. I personally have been down that path and I want to make that path “walkable” for people in the same situation.

This project is personal to both my partner and I. This is going to be a journey for all of us and a long one at that.

This disclaimer serves as a purposeful promise and a hopeful one. Also an honest promise. Neither my partner or I desire to utilize the word “promise”. However, if we cannot fulfill what we set out to create, we’ll try and try again until we realize it is just not the right time nor place. Then, we will understand our failures, set them aside and leave them be for the time being.

We don’t want to be another Elizabeth Holmes or Theranos situation. We absolutely will not fill empty promises. We want to help people, and not break promises.

We want to aid in creating that path to success.


Keep an eye out here.

We’ll be on your minds.

UPDATED: 05/29/2023