Yeah… this is a tough one. We’ve been asked once. Twice. Then Thrice. Then, the nomenclature for what ever comes after “thrice”. We’re working on it. 

As my sister and her daughter would say, “You’ll have to understand this is gonna take some time, mmmkay?” 

There is some developemont to be done.

We need “I”s to dot and “T”s to cross.

We are kind of perfecionists, in that vein.

Hence, let us do our work. You’re welcome to check back frequently and at some point.

WOW! You’ll see an amazing fixing the heck out of people’s heads. YUP!

At the moment, Antoine is working on a couple of none functional prototype devices while Kevin works on some coding.

Unfortunately, for the moment, that as our current progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We’ll keep you posted.